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*Heal*Evolve* Expand*Love*Create*

An Intgrative healing session is unique to you and I offer you exactly what you need to heal on a  mind, body

and soul level incorporating; Shamanic breathwork, soundbaths, Reiki, yoga/movement, meditations, essential oils, flower essences, crystal chakra tune ups, Ayurvedic nutrition, addiction counseling,  talk thearpy and  more. We'll hold space, support, make sure your heard, seen, and cheered on, until you come to your own authenticity, expansion and truth.

    My goal in any session is to move toward freeing you of acting from habit created by self-protictive stories, core wounds and family positioning to a more positive place. Sessions can be done individually or in a group of up to eight for breathwork, cacao, yoga & meditation. $150 per session no one turned away for lack of funds.


"The story is not told to lift you up, to make you feel better, or to entertain you, although all those things can be true. The story is meant to take the spirit into a descent to find something that is lost or missing and to bring it back to consciousness again.”  ― Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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