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I received the gift of sessions with Ava from a friend when I was going through some challenges with my teen daughter during Covid.  The stress was overwhelming for both of us but I knew I had to center myself in order to be there for my daughter during these tumultuous times. My sessions with Ava quickly became the highlight of my week.  She imparted wisdom and really healed me from the inside out.  Her sound baths were my favorite and I always felt enlightened and refreshed after our sessions. Sue

Angie, Woodstock 

Ava came over this past weekend for a sound bath. I was needing to open up, reflect and be in the moment. Her sound bath was incredible. The chakra bowls, and their perfect placement on my solar plexus and sacral chakra grounded me to my core, feeling their vibrations. The drums. The music. The LEAVES. Yes, the leaves, shaken to create a transcendental sound, took me to another place. Allowing me to see things more clearly.And when the sound bath was over, Ava asked key thought provoking questions and provided thoughtful guidance, that comes from years of experience. Experience with yoga, ayurveda, humanity. All towards guiding me to answer the questions for myself.

Thank you, Ava. I can't wait for our next session.

Meghan W. 

I can’t recommend Breathwork enough. While each individual experience is different, at its best Breathwork can be a transformative event, and at the very least, you will come away feeling at peace and more deeply connected to yourself and the world around you. Ava guides you deep into your subconscious, where you may encounter shadow selves, spirit animals and other symbolic elements, or even visions of other worlds. After the session, as participants share what they have experienced, Ava offers expert interpretation of what each journey could mean and how it points to directions of growth. Even days afterwards, you often continue to have revelations of meaning. Amazing.


 Nessa L.

Ava, thanks for this meditation.  I played it over 4 times!  got back to early infancy and neglect.  I am hoping my nervous system will calm down now.  I am so very deeply grateful.  thank you. You were born for this, much love.


Hannah H. Brooklyn 

I am so thankful to Ava for introducing me to the power of breathwork. Breathwork helped me center in my own body and truly brought to life the adage about "everything you need for healing is inside of you" to life. Healing from trauma and limited beliefs is not just a mind and positive thinking trick, it requires a deep look at the contortions that exist in our bodies as well and the breath is a perfect portal to this. Ava leads with knowledge, playfulness, and a deep respect for life and this is evident in the way she approaches breathwork. Try it, you may be surprised at what you discover!

April H.  I love Lucky Lotus. I went on a retreat with Ava in February to the Dominican Republic and it was absolutely amazing. We did everything you could ever imagine on a wonderful yoga retreat..we did laughing yoga, meditation and vinyasa classes everyday. The house we rented was the perfect size and we had a wonderful woman cook lunch for us everyday with local, fresh ingredients.

Megan W.

 I'm adding an update about the essential oil service offered by Ava. I broke my toe and she offered to make me one of her custom elixirs that she said can help bones heal in half the time. I really want to shed this stupid foot boot and splint as fast as possible so I took her up on it. Within four hours of applying the essential oil, the purple bruising on my toe went down by, like 75%. The oil comes with a complimentary reiki and crystal treatment, which I also did and, although those things kind of walk the edge of my belief system, I definitely felt results during and after the treatment. It's been two weeks and my toe is...85% better?
I would use the oil offering for anything she would make it for at this point. Love LL deeply!!!!!


Skye S.

Seriously. Love with a capital 'L'. The teachers I follow - Ava  ARE AWESOME. Ava is challenging and opens each class with a meditative thought that she refers to throughout the class. Ava has a good senses of humor and creates challenging classes that enable you to completely focus on the moment and on what you're doing. You can't go wrong.


Niki D.

 I initially attended for meditation on Wednesdays, and recently decided to splurge and go on a weekend getaway with Ava as she'sa brilliant teacher. The getaway was amazing  Every morning, we practiced meditation on the outdoor deck, followed by fresh juice. After three days, I left the retreat feeling refreshed and renewed.. Lucky Lotus rocks

Brooklyn L.  Ava is a wonderful teacher and person to be around - the positive energy is contagious.



Feel the feelings and drop the story."  - Pema Chödrön.

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