Healing has been a life long journey for me and includes daily practices of self love and self nurture coupled with what I now know keeps me in balance and happy. I'm here to help you find your way and to explore healing and balancing options that move you on a path toward you soul purpose, radiant shine and highest evolution.


Ava Gerber is committed to living in awareness and using the breath to stay grounded and embodied as the magic of this beautiful life unfolds. She is a Yoga Alliance certified at 500 hours and has taught yoga for well over a decade. She is an Ordained Shamanic Minister a Master Breathwork Facilitator, a level two Reiki practitioner & Ayurvedic Consultant and has studied Tibetan healing massage. Ava has danced the ritual dances of Africa & Haiti for over two decades and has worked with traditional healers from both locations over the past

two decades. She has also studied Tibetan Buddhism extensively and is initiated into the Vajra Yogini and Medicine Buddha linages.


She has lead workshops and healing conferences internationally such as Mysterland,  Equilibrio and East meets West.


Every session with you is infused with wisdom and love so you grow powerfully.  It's possible to be happy and live a radiant life thats's my goal for you !

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