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Ancestral Healing
The process of revealing and releasing inherited wounds and traumas that have been passed down eugenically by our ancestors. Utilizing regression meditation, inner family Archetypes and the identification of core wounds.


Ayurveda & Food as Medicine
Ancient wisdom for modern wellness based in the 5 elements and understanding of their balance. Ayurveda
translates as the science of life. Explore your Prakṛti or essential nature and learn how to balance it daily with food


EFT & Self Love
EFT tapping utilizes acupuncture points/ acupoints on the face, head hands and body while mentally focusing on the issue you'd like to resolve. It can help with over eating ,anxiety and resolve fears.


Plant Medicine & Essential Oils
Using the energetic imprint of flowers and plants to heal nourish and rebalance the energetic body. Understanding the power of plant medicine ; micro dosing.

$150-170 50 Minutes or 70 Minutes

Shamanic Breathwork
Breathwork Medicine is part ancient spiritual atonement and part new age vision quest. It provides a peek into the deepest, most soulful and dynamic fibers of our being. Breatheing reflects our emotional state and the breath is the medium on which our thoughts arise, so by manipulating our breath we can re-engineer our thoughts and emotions. Shamanic Breathwork is a specific breath and ritual designed to shake up our energetic emotional imprints also referred to as trauma.


Sound Healing
Sound healing uses vibration atuned to the chakras and energetic body made by instruments like Hand pan,Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drums and more to deeply heal and reset the nervous system. Allows a
deep reset of the sympathetic nervous system reconfiguring the fight or flight response.


Tantric Bliss
Find your bliss through Tantric practices in a safe container that teach us to honer our NO's and embrace our fuck yes!! We understand boundaries in relationship to others and how those and our no's can open the portal to our yes's aligning truly with our heart. Moving out of our comfort zone letting go of shame and constriction, Learning to invite the pleasure in and be fully present with it.


Womb Massage & Yoni Steam
These rituals nourishes and restores balance in the vagina, vulva, womb, and entire pelvic region. It is an empowering self care practice that invites women to fully drop into the realm of their inner sanctum. Yoni steam helps detoxify sexual trauma and karmic imprints of partners. Womb massage is an external non-invasive massage technique that supports female abdominal, reproductive and pelvic health and fertility.

$150-170 50 mintes-70 mintes

Yoga, Meditation, Medicine Buddha mantra
Yoga is a movement practice that can be used to stay flexible in mind and body as well as improve your health and happiness. Meditation allows us to cultivate a relationship with our mental state which can completely transform our perspective and way of being. The chanting of the Medicine Buddha mantra is a powerful healing practice for our own well being and the entire planet and beyond.


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